Patlican Karniyarik (Eggplants Stuffed with Minced Meat)


  1. 6 medium sized eggplants
  2. 2 onions, finely chopped
  3. 3 tomatoes, peeled and chopped
  4. 250 grams minced meat
  5. 3 tablespoons oil
  6. 250 grams chopped parsley
  7. 2 green peppers, sliced
  8. salt, pepper

1- Remove tops of eggplants. Make a deep lengthwise incision in each eggplant.
2- Soak them in salted water for about 45 minutes.
3- Drain and pat dry with paper towel. Fry eggplants lightly in oil, turning constantly. Remove from pan and set aside.
4- Brown onions, minced meat and peppers lightly. Add tomatoes and continue to saute for several minutes.
5- Remove from heat and add salt and pepper to taste.
6- Place eggplants in deep baking dish, cut sides facing up. Fill each eggplant with the mince mixture. Top each eggplant with a slice of tomato and green pepper.
7- Add a small amount of water to dish, cover and cook for 25-30 minutes or until tender, in oven or on stove top.

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