Cerkez Tavugu (Circassian Chicken)


1- Clean and wash chicken. Place in a pot of salt water and boil. Remove from water and set aside.
2- Grind walnuts finely. Add cayenne pepper and salt. Lightly saute walnuts on low heat until the oil of the walnuts is released. Add a tablespoon of the water used to boil the chicken. Continue to stir. Remove from heat.
3- Place mixture in cheese cloth and drain the oil.
4- Add bread pieces to walnuts and blend in a food processor.
5- Add some of the water used to cook the chicken to mixture until a thick sauce consistency is achieved.
6- Shred chicken into small piece, removing all bones. Place on serving dish and pour the walnut sauce over chicken. Drizzle some of the oil from the walnuts over entire dish.

Note: You may wish to add crushed garlic to this dish for extra taste.

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