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water skiing With its gentle climate, warm clear waters and 1,200Km of coast-line, Tunisia is a perfect paradise for sea lovers who can enjoy a wide range of water sports here during the spring, summer and part of the autumn.

Tunisia has over 1,640,000 Kmē of territorial water along its rocky northen coast and sandy eastern coast. Fishing and scuba diving have been practiced here for ages as the two Mediterranean basins have particularly rich underwater flora and fauna. Along with the abundant fish and shell fish, it is also possible to fish for octopus (Kerkennah Islands) and to gather sponges(Gulf of Gabes) and coral(Tabarka coast).

Large diving centers have been set up for amateurs in several places along the coast, in the new Tabarka seaside resorts to the north, and in Port El Kantaoui near to the CMAS (Confederation mondiale des activites subaquatiques) and are equipped with boats and their crews, diving monitors and specialised material( isothermal wet suits, face masks, air tanks compressors, etc.) A diving school has also been set up at Monastir.

Adresses :
Yachting club de Tabarka, fishing port, tel.(08) 644 478 (the best season is from April to the end of October).
Centre international de plongee El kantaoui, the El Kantaoui, yacht basin, Hammam-Sousse, tel.(03) 614 799.
Ecole de plongee de Monastir SHTT,Ile des Monasteres, tel.(03) 661 156.

Along the coast is a string of twenty or so ports and harbours, some of which were already used by the Phoenicians several thousand years ago.

sailing at Tunisia Most have now become very busy fishing and trading ports. To cope with the increasing number of pleasure boats, Tunisia has created yacht berths its traditional ports (Bizerte, Sidi Daoud, Kelibia, Mahdia, Sfax, Gabes , etc.) and has had several marinas built. All of these devlopments have been most successful as the country enjoys a longer sailing season than the northen Mediterranean thanks to its gentler climate- with an average annual temperature of 18ºC- and the scar- city of heavy winds.

The recently- built yachting ports include the Tabarka port( 50 moorings and all the related services: harbour master, lift, water, quayside electricity, technical assistance), whose marina has hotels, restaurants, banks, shops, pharmacies, etc.; the Sidi Bou Said port ( 360 moorings, water, elictricity, telephones, quayside fuel pumps, 26 tonne , lift, technical assistance), wich has hotels, restaurants, and shops in the immediate vicinity; the Cape Monastir port (386 moorings, quayside berths, fresh water, electricity, a quay- side telephone and TV, a careening area, fill up station, conveniences, etc.) near to the shops, hotels and restaurants of Monastir; the Port El Kantaoui marina( 300 moorings water, electricity, quayside fuel pumps, a 40 tonne lift, harbour master, security service, ship repair yards, etc.) with a large nearby seaside resort and its hotels, restaurants, shops, golf course, banks, pharmacies, etc., and the neighbouring major town of Sousse.

Other widely practised water sports include swimming, eithr in the sea or in pools ( some of Tunisia's hotels nd holiday resorts have up to 4 pools !), water polo, pedalos, water skiing, windsurfing, surfing, and parasailing.