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ceramic vase ceramic vase It is always a great pleasure for foreign visitors to go and dig out a slendid work of art in the innumerable antique shops and stalls dotted all over Tunisia. Amongst the "real" antique dealers is Ayoub, on avenue Bourguiba in Tunis. The others, especially in the souks, are really second hand dealers. Also worth discovering are the Soussi brothers' shops by the El Djem coliseum which, thanks to the quantity and variety of the objects displayed, resemble true Ali Baba caverns.

As for the art galleries, these are mainly found concentrated in Tunis and its outskirts. In Tunis, visitors should first of all go to the Musee d'art moderne in the Belvedere park, then to the following galleries: Gorji ' 31 rue Jugurtha, Mutuelle-ville), Yahia (avenue Mohamed V), Galerie de l'Information 'avenue Habib Bourguiba), Galerie de la Medina (Dar Bouderbala, 11 rue Dar El jeld), L'Air Libre (avenue Ouled Hafouz), and the Maison de la Culture Ibn Rachiq (20, avenue de Paris). Other Art gallery in Sidi Bou Said, Kalyste (29 bis La Soukra), and Sophonsible in Carthage,and Mille Feuilles on La Marsa beach.