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History Chart of Tunisia

Over 2 million years agoAncient stone tools found belonging to Homo Habilis
1.9 million years agoTools made by Homo Erectus (upright man) found
150,000 years agoTraces of Atlas Man found in North Africa
100 to 200,000 years agoHomo Erectus disappeared, Neanderthal man evolved
35,000 years agoAterian civilization emerged (middle Paleolithic period)
18,000 years agoIbero-Maurusian civilization
9,000-3,000 B.C.The Neolithic Revolution
7,000-4,500 B.C.Capsian civilization
1,200 B.C.The first Phoenician colony around the modern city of Tunis
814 B.C.Elissa went into exile in Tunisia. There she founded the new capital
8th century B.C.Carthage became the first naval power in the Mediterranean
264 B.C.First Punic war between Carthage and Rome
247 B.C.Hamilcar Barca was sent to Sicily
218 to 201 B.C.The second Punic war
149 to 146 B.C.The third Punic war
146 B.C.Scipio's arrival and the fall of Carthage
47 B.C.Caesar crushed the Numidian army
30 to 14 B.C.Octavianus Augustus rebuilt Carthage
1st century A.D.The advent of Christianity
2nd century A.D.Large Tunisian towns were founded and developed
258 A.D.Saint Cyprian, bishop of Carthage was executed by Romans
429Genseric, the king of the Vandals arrived in North Africa
439Genseric established a maritime empire in Carthage
468Byzantine navy was anihilated off Cap Bon in Tunisia
534Byzantine empire defeated the Vandal king Gelimer
565-578Justinian reorganized the North African region
670Muslim Arabs sweep into Tunisia and begin conquering North Africa
712Arabs invade Spain
744Arab er Rahman ibn Habib occupied Tunis
9th centuryKairouan, Sousse, Sfax and Monastir became major centers
910Obeid Allah, who created Fatimid dynasty reached Ifriqyya
1052Beni Hillal Bedouin tribes destroyed Ifriqyya and Kairouan
1159Hafsid dynasty was created
1270The soldiers of the 8th crusade landed in Tunisia
1453Ottomans captured Constantinople and Byzantine empire collapsed
1574Tunisia conquered by Barbarossa and made a vassal to Ottomans
1705Husseinite dynasty was created by Husein ibn Ali
1740-1781Fight against Algerians to stop invasion
1824France signed a treaty with bey Hussein II
1881Tunisia became a French protectorate
1885Land Registration Act passed; colonists flock to Tunisia
1920The Liberal Destour Party was formed
1934Neo-Destour Party was formed, led by Habib Bourguiba
1938Bourguiba was imprisoned
1943Allied forces pushed Germans and Italians out of Tunisia
1955Bourguiba returned from exile
1956Suppression of the Protectorate and Independence to Tunisia
1957Tunisia became a republic and Bourguiba was elected president
1963French forces were forced out of Tunisia
26 January 1978A general strike bloodily repressed, 'black Thursday'
1982Temporary headquarters of PLO set up in Tunisia
1987Zine El Abidine Ben Ali relieved Bourguiba from presidency
1994Ben Ali was elected as the President of Tunisia

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