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golfing at Tunisia Golf is a rapidly developing sport: several major courses have already been created in Tabarka in the north west of the country, in Hammamet on Cap Bon, and at Port El Kantaoui near to Sousse on the east coast. Donald Fream, one of the top world specialist, was called upon to design the courses.

The Port El Kantaouine golf course the oldest of the three, has already acquired an international reputation. The golf journalist Nelson Monfort wrote, "For several years now, this course has become one of those one talks about. What golfing! Set by the sea, long and windy, this course reminds you of British links with a touch of oriental charm. " Today the Port El Kantaoui golf links has 27 holes with three courses (blue, red and yellow) full of obstacles. Port El Kantaoui naturally has all the relevant installment - a club house with a restaurant , bar, changing rooms, and shop - and it is possible to take lessons with experienced coaches.

In the new, fashionable seaside resort of tabarka, a golf course has been built on 110 hectares of rolling land by rhe sea, where pines, cork oaks, and eucalyptus trees have been planted. There is also a shool (with a nine hole course), a practice area, and a club house.

The Cyrtus in Hammamet, Tunisia's most recent golf course, was inaugurated in 1992. Also designed by Donald Fream, it has 45 holes in all, and is set in a wooded landscape, with olive groves and lakes. It also has a practice area and a large club house.

In the years to come, Tunisia hopes to confirm its " golfing vocation " by creating new golflinks, particularly in the south of the country on Djerba and in Tozeur .

El Kantaoui Golf Course, tel. 241 756, fax: 241 756.