At Pamukkale ("Cotton Castle") nature has produced a sight of spectacular beauty. For thousands of years an underground spring located deep in the earth has been pouring out streams of hot mineral-saturated water. As it has flowed down the mountainside the steaming water has hollowed enormous circular basins in the earth, dazzlingly-white calcareous rock. To the ancients such beauty could only mean that the place was holy to the gods. Built near the natural hot springs, the grand city of Hierapolis attracted a steady stream of pilgrims, who came to bathe in the curative waters. Pamukkale is located 250 km from Izmir and 20 km from Denizli.


The Pamukkale hot springs flow at a rate of 500 litres per second. With the potential, facilities of about 72,000 bath-days and 72,000 beds on the basis of 600 litres per person/day/bath.

Physio-chemical characteristics and indications

The mineral-rich Pamukkale hot springs are composed of calcium-magnesium sulfate and bicarbonate. They contain cabon dioxide and have a radioactive content of 1,537 picokuri/liter or 56 bekerel/liter). Water temperature is 36 to 38"C with a PH of 6. Total mineral content is 2,430 mg/lt.

The waters are used both for drinking and bathing. They are recommended for the treatment of rheumatic, dermatological and gynaecological diseases, neurological and physical exhaustion, digestive maladies and nutrition disorders.

Treatments and accommodation

Throughout history Pamukkaie has been a lamous spa, with bath baths and open pools set into the snow-white cliffs. Bath treatments take place at natural pools developed around the main hot springs. Hot mineral water spas have been opened at a number of new, and very comfortable hotels in the area. Total capacity is 4,000 beds.

Climatic conditions

Altitude: 428 m

Months and average monthly temperatures (C)

6 7 10 14 19 24 27 26 21 16 12 8

Number of sunny and partly-cloudy days

20 20 23 24 27 29 31 31 30 28 25 20

Relative humidity

73 70 66 61 59 48 44 43 50 58 69 74

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