Cesme, the Turkish word for fountain, is abundantly endowed with natural hot springs. Located on the Aegean coast, 70 km west of Izmir, the holiday resort has two excellent hotels, both of which have complete spas. Turban Hotel uses mineral waters from a natural hot spring, while the facilities at Altinyunus Holiday Resort utilize mineral-rich seawater.


Set on a long sandy beach, Turban Hotel has 432 beds. The hot springs flow at a rate of 15 litres per second and can accommodate 500 people a day. Altinyunus Holiday Resort, situated in a cove along the seafront, has 1,030 beds. Its Natural Sea Spa can handle 500 people per day.

Physio-chemical characteristics and indications

Turban Cesme hot springs contain a high level of sodium chloride and calcium bicarbonate. Water temperature is 55 C with a PH of 6.5, and mineral content 27.2 gr/lt. The sea water used in the Altinyunus spa has a similar composition. These waters are heated and used for treating rheumatic, dermatologicai and gynaecological diseases. They are also recommended for neurological exhaustion and to help strengthen the muscles.

Treatments and accommodation

Turban Cesme Hotel provides hot mineral pools and baths, offers underwater massage, physical and electro therapy. The Altinyunus spas incorporate similar facilities plus physical exercise and geriatric units.

Turban Cesme Hotel has 432 beds while the larger Altinyunus has 1,000 beds.

Climatic conditions in Cesme

Altitude: 15m

Months and average monthly temperatures (C)

9 10 12 15 19 24 25 25 22 18 14 12

Number of sunny and partly-cloudy days

15 23 24 27 30 30 31 31 30 29 27 24

Relative humidity

72 74 72 70 66 62 61 63 68 70 75 74

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