The first capital of the Ottoman dynasty has been famous for centuries for the therapeutic qualities of its natural hot springs. One of the earliest recorded visitors to Bursa to take the waters was the Byzantine Empress Theodora. Today, the Ottoman baths, known as Eski Kaplica , continue to function as part of Hotel Kervansaray in the Cekirge district of Bursa. Five-star Celik Palas Hotel has also luxuriously-appointed facilities with natural hot springs and baths offering various treatments. The domed baths run by the Hotel Kervansaray are an excellent example of early Ottoman architecture.


The Cekirge hot springs flow at the rate of five liters per second. The Kervansaray baths can accommodate 600 people per day, while Celik Palas can provide curative baths to 400 people per day.

Physio-chemical characteristics and indications

Composed of calcium, magnesium sulfate and bicarbonate, the water temperature of the Cekirge springs ranges from 39 to 58 C with a PH of 7.2 to 6.6 and total mineral content of 1,164 mg/lt. These hot springs are good for rheumatic diseases, hepatic and gall bladder diseases, metabolic disorders, gynaecological diseases and "Eski Kaplrca" fhe old post operational problems.

Treatments and accommodation

Eski Kaplica, run by Kervansaray Hotel, features hot mineral pools, baths, a Turkish Bath with natural hot springs. Treatments in hot mineral pools and baths, massage, underwater massage and electro-physical therapy are available at Celik Palas Hotel.

Kervansaray Hotel has 435 beds and 13 suites, while Celik Palas Hotel has 359 beds and three suites.

Climatic conditions

Altitude: 109 m

Months and average monthly temperatures (C)

5 6 8 13 17 22 24 24 20 15 11 8

Number of sunny and partly-cloudy days

16 15 18 21 26 28 30 31 28 25 20 18

Relative humidity

76 74 72 70 70 63 59 60 66 72 76 75

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