Bare-boat charter has recently been introduced as another form of yacht hire in Turkey. The charters are undertaken by representatives who are responsible for putting the passengers on board, looking after them and seeing that they return safely to port. Maintenance crews keep these yachts in optimum condition, but it is the people who undertake the charter themselves who crew the boat. Of course, an experienced skipper accompanies the vessel, but once on board the people who undertake the charter perform all of the tasks - the handling of the sails, the seaman's chores, meal preparation and housekeeping. For those who want to escape all kitchen duties on their holiday there is at least one restaurant at every anchorage; eating out remains an option.

The more adventurous and experienced sailors can charter and pilot smaller (9 to 10 meter) motor yachts. Before setting sail, bare-boat companies generally brief their clients on the navigational characteristics of the environment, meteorological conditions, where and how to re-stock provisions, how to act in an emergency and any other pertinent information.

Flotilla sailing, or sailing with a group of yachts led by one boat, is another great adventure on the sea. Although an experienced sailor skippers the lead boat, the navigation of each individual boat is left to its crew.