An experiment is going on along the Turkish coastline. New developments of all shapes and sizes are popping up. The building boom has not yet reached the proportions found along the Western Mediterranean, and there is less pollution and crowding. Complexes of summer homes nestle alongside beautiful beaches. Many of these are available for rent. Holiday villages line the coast in the popular Kemer - Antalya region. Pensions and modest hotels operate in almost all the small towns and villages along the coast. Many of the wonderful coves and bays are accessible only by boat. A good selection of charter gulets, motor yachts and sailboats are available for week tours, while wooden boats can be rented for day trips.

These options offer enough variety to satisfy every taste. Sheiks and princes, European sophisticates, seniors, amateur archaeologists, yachtsmen, mountain trekkers, young families with toddlers, yuppies looking for something different --Turkey has something for everyone. Environmentalists especially, will appreciate the sensitive approach taken to preserve (and yet be able to enjoy) the friendliest nature ever found.