Only 35 Kms to the south of the Turkey's largest dam, Ataturk baraji (dam), the city of Sanli Urfa with its ancient name "Edessa", currently a south-eastern province of Turkey, has always been an important city since the ancient times. In biblical history, the city of Sanli Urfa was also known as "Ur". Since Hurri civilization, Hittites, Macedonians, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, Seljuks and Ottomans controlled the city.

The mosque is located to the south of "Halil Rahman" pool. Ther is another pool to the north of this sacred pool, named "Zeliha" pool. Both of these pools ar fed from a spring called "Rohas" which is close to the citadel. The pool, its water and fish inside is a sacrd place for muslims and jews.

According to the tradition, Abraham was resting her on his way from Ur to Canaan in the Promised land. He was captured by some local people and thrown onto a funeral pile. In order to save Abraham from fire, god created these two pools on that moment. Fire fell into the pools of water and extinguished instantly. The ash and wood turned into the fish. They still swimm in the pool. It is forbidden to catch or eating of them. And the legend says, Abraham continued into his own way to the Promised Land.

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