HACI BEKTAS VELI COMPLEX (Sufi Order in Haci Bektas)

Famous Sufi Dervish leader of Bektasi order, Haci Bektasi Veli's tomb is here. This 14th century complex consists of guest houses, a kitchen and an area for ascetics. The cloister in which Haci Bektas himself lies, can be called the most important cloister of the orders. This is also the only remaining Bektasi cloister. Followers of the order wear white caps. These orders used to have very close relations with the Janisseries.

His followers believe in the transmigration of souls and confess their sins to the superiors of the order. They do not agree with divorce and polygamy and deeply value the universal harmony, loving of individuals and absolute peace on earth.

The small town of Haci Bektas is situated 45 Kms to the north-west of Nevsehir, a central Anatolian province of Turkey.

The complex, now in the form of museum, consists of thre main courtyards with fountains, a bath and a laundry, tombs and living spaces are open for visitors.

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