Moroccan men Since independance, the Moroccan population has grown steadily and significantly. In fact, between 1960 and 1982, the size of Moroccan population increased from 11.07 to 20.35 million, that is an annual average growth of 2.8%. The General Census of Population and Housing conducted September 1994 showed a total population of 26,073,593 persons; including 50,181 foreigners . The Population is concentrated in the largest cities:Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Fes, Tangier and Laayoun.

The total size of the population increased by 5,654,038; that is a growth rate of 27.7% between the two censuses (1982, 1994). The annual population growth rate is 2.06%. Still the half of population is under 20 and about 70% is less than 25. The majority of Moroccans are Arabs and Berbers or mixed race people. Black Africans, Jews, Spaniards, French and Italian nationals form the other minority gorups.

The urban population went up from 8,730,399 to 13,414,560 between the two censuses, an increase of 51.4% of the total population in 1994, against 42% in 1982 and 35% in 1971. 56% of the population are concentrated in two economic regions : the Center and the North-West.

The rural population increased from 11,689,156 in 1982 to 12,659,033 in 1994, an overall growth rate of 8.3%.

Life expectancy during that period increased from 47 years to 66 years.