festival Morocco has a rich and a varied cultural and civilizational heritage. Every region has its special values and characteristics and contributes to development of this heritage. Preservation of the country's historical monuments is a major responsibility for all.

Moroccan ethnic diversity, extending from the Mediterranean shore passing through the Rif, the Atlas mountains and the wide plains lying between them down to the confines of the Sahara, naturally receptive to African arts, has played an innovative role with respect to Islamic art. It brought about new patterns especially in architecture, illumination of manuscripts and decorative ornaments. These innovations were reflected in carpets, jewellery, pottery, ceramics, drape of garments, etc.

It was decided to allocate 1% of the local communities' budgets in each prefecture or province to the building of a cultural complex with a theater room as well as to the sponsoring of artists. It was also recommended to set up two theatrical companies in each economic region and to provide them with adequate means through local communities' resources.


  • National Festival of Popular Arts (June).
  • International Publishing and Book Exhibition (October ).
  • Festival of Asilah ( August ).
  • Local Cultural Festivals .
  • Summer Universities.
  • First National Symposium on Professional Drama (1992 )


    Ethnographic museums

    Archeological museums

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