The great Turkish mystic and seeker of divine love. He lived approximately 750 years ago in central Anatolia around Konya during the Seljuk era.

Mevlana was a great mystic, combining in himself the thinker and the artist, and possessing a superior degree of lyricism. Love, divine love, was the sole spiritual guide in his life. He did not search for God outside, but in himself. He thought the love was the biggest sign of the God in human. He felt himself dissolved in he endless ocean of divine love, just like sugar dissolves in water, and experienced a pantheistic communion or identification with this ocean.

Dedicating himself to a life of endless spiritual love, poetry, music and dance, Mevlana was a great humanist.

His love of man and mankind was boundless. He used to say "We love, that is why human life is beautiful !"

His philosophy could be summarised by the following quote, him saying;

" Come again, again !
Come again, whoever you may be,
Whether an infidel, a fire-worshipper or a pagan;
No matter whether you've broken your vows a hundred times.
Ours is not a door of despair.
Just come as you are"

His great work "Masnawi" is a collection of all his poems in six volumes.

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