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This One Thinks

(A Nasreddin Hodja Story)

While strolling in the marketplace, Hodja saw a colourful bird for sale for twelve gold pieces.
Bird He was very curious and asked,
"Why is this bird so expensive?"
"This is parrot and it talks," replied the seller.
Hodja went straight home, grabbed his turkey and went back to the marketplace to sell it.
Bird "How much do you want for the turkey?" they asked.
"Ten gold pieces," answered Hodja.
Everybody was shocked.
"Turkeys don't cost that much!" they remarked.
"Well, that man is asking twelve gold pieces for that bird," Hodja said.
Bird "But Hodja, that parrot has a skill. It talks. What does your turkey do?"
"If that parrot talks then this turkey thinks!" replied Hodja.

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