The ancient Phocaea, Foca once formed part of the lonian Federation. Today it is a modern lively holiday village on two deep bays. The pleasant accommodation. clean beaches and inviting restaurants make it an attractive holiday spot. Those seeking the perfect tan find can find it on the natural terraces of Siren Rock Island.

Bergama (Pergamon), once a great centre of culture, survives as one of Turkey's finest archaeological sites. In the Acropolis, on a hill above the modern town, are the remains of the celebrated library, a steep and impressive theatre, the temples of Trajan and Dionysus, the monumental altar of Zeus, the sanctuary of Demeter, a gymnasium laid out on three terraces and the Agora. The As clepion, located to the southwest of the lower city, was a sanctuary dedicated to the god of health, Asclepios. In town visit the Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum; nearby, is the site of a temple dedicated to Serapis and subsequently converted by the Byzantines into a basilica, becoming one of the Seven Churches of the Apoccalypse.

Dikili, frequented by cruise liners bringing visitors to Pergamon, is Bergama's harbortown. It offers a relaxing atmosphere with many pleasant restaurants lining the Kordon Promenade. A stop at the little port of CandarIi, the ancient Pitane, is recommended in order to see the Genoese fortress, one of the bestpreserved in Turkey.

Ayvalik is a small, charming port, situated amid beautiful pine woods. Nearby, the Seytan Sofrasi (Devil's Table) offers a splendid panorama of the archipelago along the Gulf of Ayvalik and the little island of Alibey (Cunda), where there are pleasant seafood restaurants. Sarmisakli Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

The Gulf of Edremit, also known as the Olive Riviera, has a number of charming seaside resorts: Kucukkuyu, Altinoluk, Akcay (a thermal centre with numerous springs), Edremit and Oren all with beautiful beaches, ring the Gulf of Edremit and offer visitors a wide choice of hotels and guest houses with views of the sea. Here also, is situated the beautiful Kaz Dagi National Park, with mag nificent landscapes, restful green areas and several hot springs. According to mythology it was in this area that the world's first beauty contest was held. Under the shadow of Kaz Dagi (Mt. Ida, 1774 meters) in Pinarbasi, west of Akcay, Paris gave the golden apple to Aphrodite in the famous "Judgement of Paris".

Today the village of Behramkale surrounds the site of ancient Assos. Around the acropolis lie the ruins of the famous Temple of Athena, built during the sixth century B.C. From the top of the acropolis, you can take in the mag nificent vista of the Gulf of Edremit. Below lies a tiny and idyllic fishing village with restoredguest houses and restaurants.