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The Eternal Beauty of Europe...

Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' Since the Roman era the people of Italy has been creating with a great elegance and a distinguished taste. Visiting Italy is like a colorful dream and a fantastic voyage in a time machine. Nowhere else can you experience such magnificent architectural harmony on such a grand scale.

Although it has united as a nation state only late last century, Italy has always been known to be a leading center of arts, architecture and city planning since the ancient times. Each Italian city is a fantastic example of this unique tradition, but especially when you visit Venice, Florence and Rome you understand this much clearly.

Italian renaissance has created its best pieces of art in Florence. It is considered the city of art and architecture, a city where Italian genius flourished with the greatest display of brilliance and purity. Festival mask The next one is Rome; the eternal city which is chaotic, enchanting, fascinating and with more monuments and history than could be covered in a lifetime. And finally, the romantic dream city of Venice; everything about it is extraordinary; history, art, architecture, palaces, lifestyle and more more to to experience...

Italian traders from the port cities like Venice and Genova have linked the country to an exotic outside world of Byzantium and the Orient since the early times. This has naturally contributed to the exotic colours of the Italian art and culture as we know today.

Colosseum, Rome The Italian people, initially Etruscans and Latins, mixing for many centuries with Normans, Spaniards, Lombards and Greeks have settled into a very diverse cultural unity. Today, many Italians appreciate the current political unity based on the cultural diversity as the reason for their artistic creativity.

We invite you to experience all these exotic varieties in such a majestic style by visiting Italy in the earliest occasion. Many visitors come to Italy more than once; once you see the country, we are sure you will do the same. We hope you will enjoy our pages on Italy and the country itself. Have a happy trip!...