Israel map 09 Hebron : One of five Philistine cities.
Home of Goliath.
Here David found refuge from Saul.
Conquered and destroyed by Uzziah.

En Gedi : Mentioned in the Old Testament.

Masada : Mountain fortress held by Jewish rebels in revolt against Rome in 73 CE. After 3-years siege, zealots committed collective suicide rather than face Roman capture.

Dead Sea (Salt Sea, Asphalt Sea) : Lowest point on earth, 398 metres below sea level.
Ezekiel describes vision of a river from Jerusalem to Dead Sea making salt water fresh (Ezek. 47:1-12).

Arad (Tel Arad) : Burial place of Rachel (Gen. 35:19).
Scene of David and where he was anointedking.
Birthplace of Jesus (Luke 2:7).

Scale : 1:625,000

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