Ashdot : Important Canaanite and Philistine city on Via Maris.
Ark of Covenant brought here.
Hasmonean port city.
Here Philip preached (Acts 8:40)

Israel Map 07 Ashkelon : Major Philistine city.
Large royal city at the end of First Temple period.
Birthplace of Herod.
Captured by Crusaders in 1153.
Captured and destroyed by Mamluk Sultan Baybars in 1270.

Gath : One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities.
Burial place of Patriarchs in Machpelah cave.
David's capital before Jerusalem for 7 years.

Lachish : Ancient city in Judah.
Fortified by Rehoboam.
Captured by Sennacherib.
Restored at the end of First Temple period.
Destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar.
Lachish Letters from First Temple period found here.

Beit Guvrin : Ancient Betogabris. In Roman times named Eleutheropolis.

Mamre : The cave of Machpelah was near Mamre (Gen. 23:19)

Gezer : Strategically located near Via Maris and mentioned in records of ancient Egyptian campaigns.
Given by Pharaoh as dowry to his daughter who married Solomon.
Large battles fought here between Crusaders and Moslems.
Gezer agricultural calendar from 10th century BCE. found here.

Emmaus : Mentioned in scriptures as destination of travellers to whom Jesus appeared following Resurrection (Luke 24:30-31).

Kiriath Jearim : Gibeonite city where Ark of Covenant was brought after its return from Philistines (I Sam. 7:1; II Sam. 6:3-4).

Jerusalem : Jebusite city taken by David ca1000 BCE.
David's and Solomon's capital.
First and Second Temples.
Destroyed by Babylonians and by Romans.
Jesus' Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension took place here.
Centre of early church (Acts 2).
Sacred to Jews, Christians and Moslems.

Bethany : Home of Lazarus, Martha and Mary and site of Jesus' Ascension (Luke 24:50-51).

Bethlehem : Burial place of Rachel (Gen. 35:19)
Scene story of Ruth.
Birthplace of David and where he was anointed king.
Birthplace of Jesus (Luke 2:7)

Shephers's Field : When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, shepherds in nearby fields heard the angels (Luke 2:10)

Herodium : Fortress built by Herod.
Stronghold in both Jewish revolts against Rome.

Mar Saba : Greek Orthodox monastery, founded in 5th century by monk Saba.

Qumran : Founded 2nd century BCE by Essenes.
Dead Sea scrolls discovered in caves in 1947.

Beth Arabah (Kasar el Yehud) : Traditional site where Israelites forded Jordan River into Canaan.
Here John the Baptist baptized Jesus in Jordan (Matt. 3:16-17).

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