Joppa : Ancient Egyptian and Canaanite city, and considered world's oldest port.
From here Jonah set sail for Tarshish.
Tabitha resurrected by Peter (Acts 9:36).
Home of Simon the Tanner where Peter had vision of unclean animals (Acts 10:13).

Israel Map 06 Aphek (Antipatris) : Mentioned in the Old Testament.

Shiloh : Religious centre of Canaan.
Tabernacle and Ark kept here before First Temple was built.
Here Samuel served Eli.

Ophrah : After pronouncement of Caiaphas, Jesus withdrew to Ephraim (John 11:54), probably Ophrah.

Ai : East of Bethel. Ai was the second city to fall after Jericho to Israelites.

Mt. of Temptation : Here Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted by Satan (Mark 1:13).

Jericho : Considered oldest and lowest city on earth.
First city in Canaan conquered by Joshua.
Jesus visited here (Luke 18:35ff).

Gibeon : Location of strategic importance.
Major cult centre before First Temple was built.

Lod : First mentioned in City Lists of Thutmose III (15th century BCE).
Built by Elpaal, fortified in days of Joshua. Aeneas was healed by Peter here (Acts 9:32-35).
Byzantine Georgiopolis, believed to be burial place of St.George.

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