Caesarea : Founded by Herod, on site of ancient Strato's Tower, in honour of Roman emperor Caesar Augustus.

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Here Cornelius was baptized by Peter (Acts 10:24-28). and Paul brought to trial (Acts 25).
Important Crusader port.

Nain : Mentioned in the New Testament.

En Dor : Biblical Endor where Saul consulted the witch (I Sam. 28:7ff).

Beth Haggan (Jenin) : Mentioned in II Kings 9:27.
Possible site of village entered by Jesus on his way from Nazareth to Jerusalem (Luke 17:11-14).

Megiddo : Ancient city, first mentioned in 15th century BC, in Egyptian documents.
Important for its strategic location on Via Maris.
Rebuilt after return from Babylonian Exile; abandoned in Hellenistic period.

Jezreel : Site of story of Naboth's vineyard with Jezebel and prophet Elijah (I Kings 21).

Beth Shan : Ancient city and important centre throughout history.
Named Scythopolis during Second Temple period.
Decapolis city.

Belvoir : Ruins from the time of Crusades.

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