Acco (Acre - Akko) : Ancient Canaanite and Phoenician port.
Hellenistic Ptolemais.
Major Galilean city during Roman period.
Israel Map 02 Paul spent a day here (Acts 21:7).
Capital of Crusader kingdom after fall of Jerusalem.
Unsuccessfully besieged by Napoleon.

Aphek : Mentioned in the Old Testament.

Sepphoris : Capital of Galilee in Herod's time.
Traditional home of Joachim and Anna, and birthplace of Mary.

Beit She'arim : Mentioned in the New Testament.

Athlit : Ruins from Crusades era.

Haifa : Origins in Second Temple period.
Captured by Crusaders in 1100, and by Turks in 1517.
In 1868 German Templars set up a neighbourhood here.

Nazareth : Home of Mary and Joseph and site of Annunciation (Luke 1:28-31).
Commemorated by Church of Annunciation.

Muhraqa : Carmelite Monastery built on ruins of early church.
Nearby Elijah confronted prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18).

Scale : 1:625,000

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