(A City Between the Sea and the Desert)

Gulf of Aqaba At the northern part of the Red Sea, nature carved out a fantastic paradise, painting it with violet-coloured desert mountains reaching white sands at the edge of the clear, coral-filled sea. It is here, at Israel's southernmost tip, that Eilat is situated.

While arriving by land or air, the city of Eilat seems like a remarkable mirage. After traveling through or over seemingly endless, colorless desert, one is suddenly greeted by lush color - swaying palms among luscious green lawns and sun-kissed beaches - gleaming, white hotels, their balconies angled unerringly to the jewel-like sea, itself dotted with a rainbow of sails.

This is Eilat - where the sun makes its home. With 359 sun days and balmy weather even in the winter, Eilat is a year-round resort. "Snow birds" enjoy sunning their feathers in Eilat, when Europe is socked in with winter snow and gloom. And visitors from the world over enjoy the blend of city, sea and mountainous desert, whose delights offer infinite opportunities for relaxation or adventure throughout the year. With the feeling of detachment from the rest of the world, Eilat is more than a resort, It's a state of being.