The obvious beauty and the contrasts of Israel's landscapes are richly revealed in the Galilee region.

...In the legendary waters of the Jordan River and in the Sea of Galilee, hundreds of meters below sea level.
...In the historical and religious sites, from Safed to Nazareth, from Tiberias to Acre and Capernaum.
...In the beautiful landscapes in the nature reserves with tumbling waterfalls, marshes, bird sanctuaries and exotic animals.
...In the magnificent archaeological sites, from the Roman city at Selt She'an and the opulent baths at Hammat Gader, to a multitude of exquisite and ancient mosaics and hilltop Crusader fortresses.
...In the patchwork of kibbutz fields, stretching from the Jezreel Valley to the northernmost border and from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee.
...On cultural tours and religious pilgrimages.
...On active holidays and resort vacations.

The Galilee is a destination for all reasons in all seasons.

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