Three thousand years of history and eternally young.
Strolling on 2000 years old pavements or a lively pedestrian mall.
Domerock in Jerusalem Jerusalem is simultaneously an open air museum and a vibrant, modern city, where the past is part of the present.

The most populated city of Israel is Jerusalem. It stands high in the Judean Mountains.

The name of the city, Jerusalem means the perfection and the peace. The city has a very special meaning to Jews, Christians and Moslems. After the unification of Israel in the 10th century B.C. king David made Jerusalem the capital of the kingdom. King David's son, Solomon, built the famous temple here. Jesus preached to his followers in Jerusalem for the last time. According to Moslems, Mohammed went up to heaven from Jerusalem.

The unique character of Jerusalem tantalizes the senses. It is in the golden aura of the setting sun reflecting from every building, in the black-clad men and boys with side curls hurrying to synagogue, in the mingling sounds of tolling church bells and the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, and in the bustle of people going about their normal business in the most extraordinary city in the world.

The energy of Jerusalem is in the interaction of the ancient and modern, the holy and secular, the earthly and spiritual. A visit to the Holy City is a rewarding experience where the exciting present lives up to the historic past.

Whether one is seeking the Jerusalem of the spirit or a lively, enriching holiday, the many levels and aspects of the legendary city fulfil every hope and promise.

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