Haifa blends together much of what is beautiful in Israel. Situated where the rocky green slopes of historic Mount Carmel meet the blue waters of a broad natural harbor, its terraced urban landscape offers a rich variety of gorgeous vistas.

Israel's third largest city, Haifa is capital of the north and home to 250,000 inhabitants, members of five different religions living in harmony. It offers biblical holy places, nature reserves with prehistoric caves, lovely cultivated gardens, the University of Haifa and Technion Israel Institute of Technology and more than a dozen museums. Cable cars link the downtown port district at the foot of the Carmel with neighborhoods on its upper slopes.

The city's many promenades and scenic overlooks offer abundant of views of Haifa's beautiful natural harbor. On a clear day, almost any day of the year, you can see clear across the sparkling waters of the bay to the medieval walled fortress city of Acre.

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