CENTRAL COAST (Tel Aviv-Jaffa)

The never-ending holiday... Long streches of sandy, clean beaches meeting with the warm waters of tuquoise-blue Mediterranean. Outdoor cafes in arts-and-crafts lanes and vibrant streets. Surprizes from dawn to dawn, on the Mediterranean shores and in the many shops and restaurants, clubs and bars.
Tel Aviv No other city resembles modern Israel like Tel Aviv, incorporating ancient Jaffa, where Jonah set sail for his close encounter with a whale.
It is Mediterranean magic more than anything else! Colorful parasols dotting the wave-lapped golden sands and a rainbow of sails on the clear, blue water, windsurfers flitting among proud yachts and sporty sailboats; fishermen in workmanlike craft hauling in their nets and anglers casting their lines from the dockside; tour boats plying the coast from the Jaffa port and power boats trailing skiers. Tel Aviv is the Mediterranean.
From early spring through late autumn, every day is a sun day, and even when colder climes are snowed in, a sunny winter day will find a large number of sunseekers on the Mediterranean beaches.
From Herzliya to Bat Yam, wherever one is in the Tel Aviv area, the sea is never far, making it convenient to locals and visitors, alike. Herzliya, a fifteen-minute drive , north of Tel Aviv, offers a brand new marina and many beautiful resort hotels. Bat Yam, in the south, is well known for its beaches, family and resort hotels. Only steps from most hotels and only minutes from city centers, the sparkling beaches and cheerful promenades are filled with activity from morning to night... from every sport on and in the water during the day to public concerts and happenings after dark, Simply strolling the promenades or relaxing at the many cafes and restaurants is also a pleasant option.

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