(Main Tourist Sites)


ARAD VISITORS CENTER : Model of Judean Desert Display of Tel Arad archaeological finds sound and light Show: "The gateway to the Judean Desert" .
Tel: 0-7954409 Fax: 07-955052

BET HASOFER - ALMOG : Replicas of the Dead Sea Scrolls, sound & light show, "9,000 Years of Settlement in the Northern Dead Sea Region".
Tel: 02-945200 Fax: 02-942447

"ATRAKTZIA" - KALIA BEACH : Water amusement park, sweetwater pools, water slides and aquatic sports, beach and changing facilities.
Tel: 02-942391 Fax: 02-942390

"KARTING 2000" - KALIA BEACH : The largest go-cart track in Israel .
Tel: 02-942680 Fax: 02-942681

BINYAMIN BEACH : Separate beach facilities for men and women, snack bar, lockers, bathrooms and mud packs.
Tel: 02-942781

EINOT ZUKIM (EIN FESH'HA) : Nature reserve, water pools & streams, bathing beach, excursions.
Tel: 02-942355

QUMRAN NATIONAL PARK : Site of ancient Essene settlement. Nearby in the Oumran Canyon are the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Cafeteria souvenir shop.
Tel: 02-942533

EIN GEDI NATURE RESERVE : Desert oasis between David and Arugot canyons. Waterfalls, pools, flora& fauna, historical sites .
Tel: 07-584285

MASADA NATIONAL PARK : The malor historiical/archaeoiogicai site in the area. Herod's mountain fortress. Ascent and descent by cable car, Snake Path or Roman battery ramp. Restaurant, snack-bars, souvenir shops.
Tel: 07-584207 Fax: 07-584464

MASADA SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW : A unique show in its vivid portrayal of the life, the struggle and the heroism of the people of Masada, some 1900 years ago .
Tel: 07-959333 Fax: 07-955052

METZOKE DRAGOT : Desert tours, rappelling and rock climbing courses, restaurant.
Tel: 02-964501 Fax: 02-964505

"AHAVA" DEAD SEA HEALTH PRODUCTS - VISITORS CENTER : A cosmetic and health products plant using the natural resources of the Dead Sea, showroom, information center, tourlst shop .
Tel: 02-945117 Fax: 02-945122


ALMOG FARM : Camel tours, desert tours and Bedouin tent .
Tel: 02-942452 Fax 035606265

METZOKE DRAGOT : Jeep tours, safari vehicles, snapelling and walking tours.
Tel: 02-964501 Fax: 02-964505

EIN GEDI TOURING AND EVENTS CENTER : Jeep tours, safari vehicles and desert tours .
Tel: 07-594726 Fax: 07-584125

"JEEP TOURS" : Guided jeep tours.
Tel: 07-952388 Fax: 07-958484

AMIEL TOURS : Special tours for groups and individuals.
Tel: 07-584530 Fax: 07-584414

YOEL TOURS : Special tours for groups and individuals.
TeL: 07-584432 Fax: 07-584249

KFAR HANOKDIM : Camel & donkey desert tours, Bedouin tents.
Tel: 07-957326 Fax: 07-957326

AMOS LAHAV : Tour organizer for groups and individuals.
Tel: 07-584318 Fax: 07-584344

Tel: 07-954445 Fax: 07-954445