The most famous historian and also geographer of the ancient times. He was born in Halicarnassus in 485 B.C. He and his wealthy family was against the Persian domination of Ionia. That is why he was exiled to Samos when he was only young.

After he returned back to Halicarnassus the Persian appointed tyrant of the city was driven out.

He started his long journey in 445 B.C. and traveled along a number of different land and cultures, from Egypt through to Syria and Babylon, Colchis, Paeonian and Macedonia. He stayed in Athens for a long time.

In his multiple volume history book " Histories ", he mainly explained the rise and fall of Persian domination in Anatolia and Greece. In this long history book, he described the different parts, cultures and even geography of the Persian Empire entirely.

One book was totally dedicated to the people, culture and land of Egypt.

He wrote his books in Ionian language with Homer's dialect. He gave us a huge amount of credible information about his time and even his past, covering history, geography, ethnography and so on.

The History Of Herodotus

Book I | Book II | Book III

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