Ancient Olympia. Praxiteles' Hermes.

7000 B.C. First Stone Age settlements in mainland Greece.
2500 B.C. Bronze Age is effective on mainland and some islands.
1550 B.C. Mycenaean civilization started on mainland Greece.
1450 B.C. Mycenaean culture spreads to islands.
1200 B.C. Disappearance of Mycenaean civilization.
1100 B.C. Dorian movements to the islands and Asia Minor.
776 B.C. First official Olympic Games held in Greece.
800-600 B.C. First Greek city-states appear, Athens and Sparta are among them.
545 B.C. Persian invasion of Asia Minor cities.
490 B.C. Persian incursion and the battle of Marathon.
479 B.C. Persian invasion of mainland Greece.
430-404 B.C. War between Athens and Sparta ends in Spartan victory.
359 B.C. Philip II became the king of Macedonia.
336 B.C. After Philip II, Alexander the Great became the king of Macedonia.
0-300 A.D. Romans rule Greece.
324 A.D. Emperor Constantine established the Byzantium and Constantinople became the capital.
529 A.D. Non-Christian schools of philosopy in Athens were forced to close.
650 A.D. Invasion of Greece by Slavic tribes.
800 A.D. Byzantium established the control over Greece again.
1200 A.D. Latin - Venetian crusaders took control of Greece.
1260 A.D. Byzantium reclaimed the control over Greece.
1430 A.D. Ottomans conquered Thessaloniki.
1453 A.D. Ottomans conquered Constantinople. This marks the end of Byzantium.
1460 A.D. Ottomans took Mistra.
1522 A.D. Ottomans conquered Rhodes.
1566 A.D. Ottomans took Chios and Naxos.
1577 A.D. Samos taken by Ottomans
1669 A.D. Ottomans conquered whole Crete.
1685-1715 Venetians occupied Peloponnese
1799-1814 France, Russia and Britain occupied Ionian islands successively.
1821-1830 Greece gained independence against Ottomans after the battle of Navarino.
1831 President Capodistrias was assasinated.
1833 Otto was declared as the king of Greece by Russia, France and Britain.
1864 Britain gave the control of Corfu and Ionian islands to Greece.
1881 Ottomans surrendered Thessaly to Greece.
1912 First Balkan war and Greece claimed Thessaloniki, Ioanina and Chios.
1913 Second Balkan war. After Bulgarian attacks, Greece gains Crete, Lesbos and Ikaria.
1914 World War I. Divisions in Greece and finally joining the war on the side of Allied forces.
1919 Britain and France convinced Greece to annex the land at Smyrna (Izmir) in Turkey.
1919-1923 After the collapse of Ottoman Empire, the existing conditions triggered a war between Greece and newly formed Turkey. Greece lost the war and Greek population in Anatolia was exchanged with Turkish or muslim population in Greece.
1936 After a long period of political chaos, General Metaxas became dictator.
1939 After the invasion of Albania, Italy demanded access to Greek ports. Metaxas refused (28th October "Ochi Day").
1941 World War II and the German invasion.
1944 After 3 years of German occupation, British troops took the county back from Germans.
1945-1949 Civil war between royalists and communists.
1967 Military junta took control of political power.
1973 Pro-democracy movement mainly led by students was crushed by fascist junta and a large number of students were brutaly killed.
1974 Military junta supported a right-wing Greek coup in Cyprus. This led to Turkey's intervention to the island and finally junta collapsed
1975-1996 Socialist PASOK and right-wing New Democracy Party maintain the democratic process uninterruptedly since then.
The House of Greek Parliament in Athens. 1836-1842