Map of Euboea Sporades

Sporades islands Villages and towns like Limni, a beautiful town with a long history and tradition, bedecked with fine white houses reflected in the sea.

The fertile plain of Istiea, and beautiful Edipsos, known since antiquity for its spas and the miraculous waters with medicinal powers.

Southern Euboea has been home to important cities for centuries, cities like Halkida, the island's capital, and significant archaeological sites such as Eretria. The listed old houses of the ship masters and the seaside villages on quiet scenic beaches are real jewels. And here, in the interior of southern Euboea, we encounter pine, oak, fir, and poplar forests. Running water such as the mineral water of the famous spring of Honeftiko. Picturesque villages with churches and monasteries but also an authentic island feel, like the port of Kimi from where boats leave for the Sporades. Here the visitor has the chance to combine the quiet life with wonderful sandy beaches under the sun, sea sports, tasty local specialities and fresh seafood, and delicious wine. The large amounts of sunshine in the Sporades and the "meltemia", the Aegean's seasonal northern wind, attract many tourists in the summers.

Halkida, Euboea Skiathos is a verdant idyllic paradise with more than 70 bays and coves and three harbours. Nine small islands orbit Skiathos as if mesmerized by the island's beauty Skiathos is a popular resort with an active nightlife.

Skopelos is exceptionally beautiful with scenic coves, bright white churches and monasteries among picturesque farm-houses glimpsed through the gold-green of the olive groves on even slopes, under the brilliant light of the sun.

Alonissos is long and thin and surrounded by scattered islets. These islets and the area around them are the Marine Park which is the last refuge of the Mediterranean seal Monachus- monachus. The ruins of an ancient city can be found on Psathoura and a cave decorated with multi-hued stalactites and stalagmites is the famous cave of the Cyclops.

Skyros is low hills, good underwater fishing and diving, crystal clear water, sandy beaches, little seaside tavernas, sea caves, and the unique Skyrian ponies. From the castle above the Hora, which combines Byzantine and Venetian ruins with older fortifications, the town spreads out below you in a cubists dream. Each of the houses has an interior that reminds one of a folk art museum, and much of the handmade folk art is sold in little shops.