When in Athens, you do not need to limit yourselves to the centre of the city. The city's suburbs offer some wonderful opportunities for long walks around tree-lined street, followed by a stop at one of the many coffee or pastry shops in them.



It is probably the most elegant of the several garden suburbs in the north of Athens. Its sumptuous 19th century villas, are home to some of the oldest and wealthiest Athenian families. Its villas combined with its busy commercial streets, where all the major Greek and international firms have branches, make Kifisia a very interesting place indeed.

You can take one of the horse-drawn carriages at the main square in Kefalari, waiting to take visitors for a romantic ride around Kifisia's beautiful streets. Other attractions in Kifisia include the Natural History Museum, with its precious collection of plants, insects, fossils and rocks, and one of Athens' beautiful open-air cinemas. Also worth a visit are: the house of the Greek poet G. Drosinis, where the Municipal Cultural Centre is housed, and the Flower Show which takes place every year in its park. Some of the finest restaurants, sweet shops and coffee shops of the city are located in Kifisia.

Glyfada in Athens


All these are areas found along the Saronic coast from Piraeus to the headland of Vouliagmeni. Ideal for walks by the sea and/or swimming, some of the best public beaches in Attica are found in Voula, Varkiza and Vouliagmeni and are operated by the Greek National Tourist Organization.

Each of these areas has a commercial centre of its own with wonderful shops. You can admire the hundreds of yachts moored in the marinas along the coast, have lunch or dinner by the seaside, indulge in your favourite water sport or play golf. The l8-hole Glyfada Golf Club is open daily from 08:00 until sunset. The whole coast is lined with hotels offering views of the sea.

At the beginning of the coastal road, in Trocadero, in Faliro you can visit the Nautical Museum on board one of the most glorious warships in recent history, the warship Averof. At the other end, Vouliagmeni is a very attractive town with luxuriant vegetation, elegant villas, some of Attica's best hotels and excellent beaches. Athenians like going out to dine along the coast which caters for them with a string of very fine restaurants. Also found in the coastal suburbs are some of the best and most popular bars, night-clubs and bouzouki taverns of the city.