Thalassotherapy, medicinal sea treatment, offers all its resources; water, mud and seaweed to put you back into good form, and especially the sea air, invigorating!

The French Institutes are to be found all along the coasts, with their additional facilities, golf, tennis, water sports. The first institute was set up in Roscoff in 1898 and nowadays, France ranks first with 50 specialist centres.

Hydrotherapy treatment based on warm sea water, treatments based on seaweed and sea mud, or saunas; these are courses suitable for slimming, fitness, anti-smoking or post natal programmes; to make the most of these you should envisage staying for at least a week. Generally speaking, one might say that the coasts to the west offer invigorating, revitalising holidays and the coasts to the south are more suitable for those who are stressed and seeking relaxation..

The northern coasts with their large beaches, the iodine and waves of Brittany, the beaches of Normandy, the soft climate of the Vendee, the sporting climes of Charentes-Maritimes, the beauty and mountainous approaches of the Eastern Pyrenees, and the Mediterranean coasts, sunshine guaranteed.

The choice is yours!

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