French know-how is well and truly alive! The ecomuseums reveal regional life and customs. And you can pass from the traditions of the Caves of Roquefort, the Route de la Soie (route of silk) in the Rhone-Alps, and the pottery of Lorraine, to busy industrial sites such as the factories of Peugeot at Sochaux or those of the pastries of Rivoire and Carret-Lustucru in Senlis/Compiegne.

Some of our towns come into their own with regard to production, so much so that all their capacity is taken up: you should not miss the Prehistory Museum in Tautavel where you will experience an interactive presentation and reconstitution of the site, oldest skull found in Europe is displayed in this interesting museum, also discover the porcelain in Limoges (Haut-Vienne), the lace in Tulle (Correze), the pipes in Saint-Claude (Jura), the plastic in Oyonnax (Ain) with its very fine museum of weaving. Set off on an exciting visit to the great energy sites, such as the nuclear power stations (Creys-Malville of Saint-Alban). A visit to the tidal power station of the Rance, unique in the world! The history of coal is told in Lorraine, in the north at its Centre Historique Minier in Lewarde (North), and in the south with the mine of Ales (Gard).

Lovers of advanced technology, do not miss the jewel of French aeronautics, in Toulouse: Aerospatiale, a futuristic site with its innovative technology; visitors are shown planning rooms, assembly halls, as well as an exhibition on Concorde. And, if you wish to see the stars.. there is the Observatory of the Pic du Midi!

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