In the North, the museums of Cateau-Cambresis and of Villeneuve d'Ascq open their doors to modem art, while Lille boasts fine collections of Flemish and Dutch paintings. In the East.. In Colmar, the Musee Interlinden invites you to contemplate Issenheim's altar piece painted by Grunewald. Reims, with Corot's landscapes and the works of Lucas Cranach, father and son. Troyes, whose museum of modern an is one of the finest in the world with its Levy collection and its magnificent works by Rouault. Dijon and its Museum of Fine Arts, where, among others, there is a superb collection of Dutch paintings. Central France and the Alps...The Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon, the second museum in France, with its rich collections of 19th and 20th century art. Like the latter, the museum of Grenoble has recently been renovated, and should not be missed. Stop off at Saint-Etienne for its museum of modern art, its museum of Art and Industry and museum of Mining.

In the West, you will admire the Museum of Fine Arts in Orleans and, in Bourges, the museum dedicated to the painter Esteve. Take the Route of the Painters of Cornuaille.. Set off in search of Gauguin in Pont Aven. See the museum of Fine Arts in Quimper, that in Nantes with its Kandinsky hall, that in Rouen for the early Italian masters, as well as its works by Fragonard and Gericault, a native of this land. Caen offers you the works of the great artists: Perugin, Veronese, Tintoret, Rubens - to name but a few. Rennes has a collection of works dating from the 14th century to modern times - do not miss the masterpiece by Georges de la Tour "le nouveau ne" (the new born).

In the South West there is a profusion of color; in Nice, where 17 paintings by Chagall are exhibited in the Musee du Message Biblique; in Vallauris where Picasso's "War and Peace" occupies a place of honor. Saint Paul de Vence and the Maeght Foundation adorned with the masterpieces of Chagall, Braque, Leger, Miro.. Antibes celebrates Picasso. In the South-West the Museum of Modern Art of Ceret should be admired for its works by Picasso, Matisse and Tapies. Montauban and Ingres. Toulouse and the Musee des Augustins where you will see romanesque and gothic sculptures, as well as paintings by Courbet and Berthe Morisot. In Castres, Spain triumphs with its fabulous works by Goya. Lovers of the works of Toulouse Lautrec should make their way to Albi and lovers of the works of Bonnat to Bayonne. In Bordeaux, do not miss the Musee de 1'Aquitaine which traces the history of the whole region and the museum of Fine Arts, rich in the works of Corot, Delacroix and Le Titien.

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