Here in the Dordogne, you will find Domme, an interesting fortress perched on its cliff and Beynac-et-Cazenac with its fine museum of the first peasantries of this land.

The Lot has some real treasures: Autoire, typical of Quercy, with its turreted dwellings and houses of white stone; from the terrace of the beautiful church, you can see the cirque of Autoire, a rock amphitheater. Loubressac, on its buttress, offers you a fine view over the river and the chateau of Castelnau-Bretenous.

The Aveyron has everything you could wish for; Conques of course, a marvel in itself, but also Belcastel, magnificently restored with its exciting bridge which crosses the village. There is another typical bridge at the entrance to the Gorges du Lot, Estaing, a village tucked away sheltered by an old chateau. See also Najac which follows the watershed; the ruins of its chateau are truly romantic and very evocative...

In the Tarn you will find Cordes, a village of artisans with its superb fortress founded at the beginning of the 13th century. Climb up towards it on foot and discover its surrounding walls and gates, still intact.

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