It has three parks of an exceptionally high standard; one of these is a leisure park and the other two are theme parks. For leisure, the Parc Asterix will give you the sensation of traveling through a huge cartoon strip, one from which the setting for none other than the history of the Gauls is drawn, revised and modified with humour!...Merry-go-rounds, a super descent by "raft" into huge buoys, theme attractions, performances by dolphins and sea lions; the children love it, and the parents too, it has to be said! (open from April to mid-October).

For themes, do not miss the Prehistoric Park of Samara, an archeological park for the exploration of the natural environment, and in Boulogne, Nausicaa for an exploration of the sea world. Visit also the modern museum of the Cheval in Chantilly and Mer de Sable in Ermenonville, a magnificent amusement park in an unusual setting (open from April to September).

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