The Nature Reserves

You are going to experience some moments of intense emotion... just imagine, you are setting off in these open spaces, in search of great riches, riches created by both man and nature. These Reserves are the means to the preservation off fragile natural environments.

7 national parks covering an area of some 1,300,000 hectares. These are places of refuge for protected nature. The central area is designated as an area of priority for the conservation in veritable sanctuaries of fauna and flora. If you are vigilant and discreet, you will see some true marvels! You will be warmly welcomed, and requested to respect certain rules in order to avoid damaging these treasures.

27 regional national parks, are run by the local authorities (this includes 2200 communes throughout France). They are commissioned to preserve and develop the country's natural and cultural heritage. An area of some 4,200,00 hectares where wildlife and traditions coexist harmoniously. France's parks lead you along thematic paths, with their interpretation of nature, to a discovery of the heritage. How would you fancy setting off in the footsteps of the former pedlars of the Auvergne through meadows, peat bogs and glaciated valleys in the Regional nature reserve of Livardois-Forez or even following the authentic and secret forgotten paths of the

Luberon? Choose the enlightening walks through the forest.. the forest of Brotonne (Normandy), the forest of orient (in Champagne) or that of the regional nature Reserve of the Landes in Gascony. The offices in these reserves offer information and exhibitions.

Listed sites include areas of the countryside which you will often come across during your travels; areas of corn, gardens, former routes...

The Reserves are places of protection, essentially humid and coastal areas.

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