The Mediterranean...Nice, Saint-Tropez, the Lavandou or Hyeres..Areas of beauty and delight; make the most of the heat and tremendous charm of this coastline with its sunny beaches that guarantee a long-lasting tan. Why not dive into the warm water, grab a wind surfing board, set off for some water-skiing and slip into a world of which dreams are made in the emerald sea.

And in the evening! Here, the atmosphere of celebration, whether cafe terraces, ice cream parlours or restaurants where you can taste the famous bouillabaisse - who could resist! A string of resorts stretch along the Catalan coastline - Barcares, Saint-Cyprien, Collioure with its immense charm. Here the pleasure ports are truly appealing and on cafe terraces you can drink Banyuls, and sip the sweet wines of Rivesaltes to the sounds of summer jazz, after active days on the beaches.

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