The English Channel and the Atlantic channel are favorites for sailing.. A truly exciting experience! fans of sailing and windsurfing, this is your kingdom. A region of sailors, here each port has a great seafarer; you will thus discover a legendary heritage as you make your way around; enjoy the old rigs with their purple and brown sails, climb aboard one of those old hulls on the isle of Batz or Douarmenez.

The coasts offer you a whole range of promenades towards superb islands. When the wind rises, sailing becomes the sport to enjoy: try your hand with a sailing dinghy, a catamaran, a surfboard, and, of course, sea kayak, a real treat.

If you are looking for leisure and an absolute pleasure, we recommend Antibes Juan-les-Pins, in famous French Riviera along the Mediterranean coast. Juan-les-Pins has the advantage of having one of the longest coastlines in France. Its 15.22 miles of coast include 5 ports (Port Vauban, Port Gallice, Port du Croutan, Port de l'Olivette, Port de la Salis), bays, rocky escarpments and superb beaches overlooking landscapes of an infinite variety : sea as far as the eye can see from the large beach beyond the Fort Carre; the old town and Cap d'Antibes from the soft sandy beaches of la Gravette, l'Ilette and Salis; Antibes against a mountinous background from the beach of la Garoupe; the islands of Lerins and Esterel from the beaches of Juan-les-Pins.

Flanked by the old Fort Carre and the ramparts, the cove of Saint-Roch is the most beautiful site imaginable for a port. A stone's throw from the provencal market, this is a true district of Antibes, a traditional port, not a boat park. A pleasure port, teeming with life all year round, with its sailors who live on their boats, working people, fishermen, hikers... It is also the number one pleasure port in Europe, and second in the world: 1,600 mooring rings, 3.10 miles of quays, a protected 61.77 acres stretch of water, a shipyard of international repute, a 10,000 sq. meters careenage area, teleprocessing and telecommunications equipment which make it the number one international port for tourism and commerce, in terms of "intelligence"...

The Quay of One Thousand and One Nights
Unique in Europe, the basin of Grande Plaisance has only 19 mooring posts. But it has the capacity to receive some of the most fabulous yachts in the world!
Here you will find floating palaces of an inconceivable luxury; Alexander (122m.), onr of the 18 yachts owned by the Greek Latsis and, especially, the Abdul Aziz, the gigantic yacht (147m.) owned by King Fahd of Arabia. Equipped with self-contained facilities and hyper-sophisticated security equipment, the basin of Grande Plaisance consumes, for its 19 boats alone, two and a half times more electricity than Port-Vauban with its 1,600 mooring posts!

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