Bordeaux, Capital of Wines, the Cote d'Argent and the Pays Landais

The XVI century witnessed the perfect friendship between Etienne de la Boetie and Michel de Montaigne. The former was from Sarlat, and in the vineyards of his estate stands the tower where the latter used to reflect..

On its river, the port of Bordeaux is renowned. Huge trade in wines and trading post for the West Indies.. With its Grand Theater and its hotel des Douanes, the town has moulded its classical perfection, "Take Versailles, add Anvers, and you will have Bordeaux", said Victor Hugo. World capital for wine, being surrounded by some 3000 "chateaux", it is the prince of wines and local architecture.

Next you will descend the beautiful Cote d'Argent bordering the Atlantic with its vast forests of the pines of les Landes which protect the dunes. The largest is that of Pilat, which reaches a height of 100 meters and stretches over an area of some 3 kilometers. The coastline is punctuated by numerous lakes and pools; there is an abundance of fish - eel and tench. A seaside resort, Cap Ferret's villas and hotels are scattered between the pine trees... Arachon has two towns.. the town which, during the summer, welcomes tourists who have come to take advantage of the benefits of its environment, and the winter town amidst a forest of pine trees Its oysters are renowned ; Rabelais was already tasting them.

The Regional Park of the Landes de Gascogne extends over some 300,000 hectares in the heart of the forest of les Landes. You will also discover it in the ecomuseum of la Grande Lande reached by an old steam train.. Discover Hossegor situated around its "marine lake"; this very pleasant seaside resort has managed to preserve within its habitat the distinctive style of the Landes.

The Landes awaits your arrival. Here traditional sports have maintained their importance. Dax, a spa resort with a warm spring, or Mont-de-Marsan; passions will always be roused and calves through the streets of the Landes.

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