"Contrast" is the operative word.. chalky hills covered with fragrant trees; olive trees and evergreen oaks, here a lake with red ochre banks, over there the cirque of Navacelles in all its majestic beauty.
Lodeve and the ruins of a medieval chateau.. Enter the Cevennes, mountains at an average altitude, resplendant in their beauty; the deeply embanked gorges will be a delight to lovers of landscapes.
From Mont Aigoual the view is superb : in fine weather you can see as far as Mont-Blanc. The amazing abyss of Bramabiau and the deep gorges of Trevezel; those of la Dourbie are wild and deep. Visit Saint Andre with its picturesque houses of the silk merchants. Valleraugue and its apple orchards might be your point of departure towards Mont Aigoual, the hike "of the 4000 steps".
Now set off in search of some intense moments.. the Gorges de la Jonte and the Gorges du Tarn, a magnificent ravine where the straits enclose the river in vertical walls. At the cirque of Baumes there is a change of color. This is a must for canoeists! Saint Enimie, medieval city in the heart of the gorges, built as an amphitheatre.
Further on, a land of strong emotions again, the Lozere awaits you with its powerful legends.. An area of conservation, home to protected species, The Bison of la Margeride, the Wolf Reserve of Gevaudan.
You will reach the mountains of the Aubrac, the Chateau de la Baume an imposing 17th century edifice built of granite. Go to Rodez, with its cathedral of pink sandstone and its maze of streets. The road will lead you to Conques, along the route of Compostelle, a fascinating village clinging to the mountain with its old half-timbered houses with lauze roofs and, especially, its Roman abbey.

Some Towns

The river has fashioned Toulouse, a vibrant town of light with its pink bricks. In his time the emperor Charlemagne cherished the basilica of Saint-Sernin. Hence the most spacious Roman church of the whole of Christianity, an admirable building... The cathedral of Saint-Etienne, the museum of the Augustins (Austin friars), patrician dwellings.. Go to view the Goyas in the museum of Castres.. and to Albi, to the cathedral designed like a fortress. Toulouse-Lautrec was born in this fine town.

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