An essential stage of your visit to France: the land of the Cathars. Like eagles nests, its chateaux are set amidst wild scenery, their walls attached to rocky spurs; the spirit of the cathars is still alive!

Dappled with prestigious sites this land bears the deep marks left by the Crusade which crushed the religious Albigensian heresy in the Xth C. From this period of fighting and resistance a valiant and rebellious spirit has been inherited reflecting in the spectacular and natural sceneries.

At the top of a mountain ridge or at the bend of a path, "vertigo Citadels", the abbeys and collegiates perched on the hills emerge from the vast unspoiled open spaces.

The chateaux of Peyrepertuse, Puyvert, Queribus, Arques, Lastour, Montsegur, Minerve, Villerouge-Termenes and Foix, city of counts, with its treasures.. The route of the troubadours, the great inventors of our language, traces the history of the not miss Carcassonne, the largest fortress in Europe with its triple surrounding wall. The effect is magical: time seems to have stood still in the strata of stone which reveal so many eras. Overwhelming with art and history, these sites appear in the limelight while sound and light shows, festival or tradition carnivals carefully preserved from the Middle-Ages take place.

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