A virgin coastline for the most part, it boasts a string of seaside resorts and immense sandy beaches, while offering hundreds of ways to idle one's time away basking in the sun! While enjoying its sun and sea, you may discover its prestigious heritage as you wander around: Romanesque and Gothic churches on your way to your holiday destination, ancient sites high up in panoramic places, Renaissance Mansions with cool secret courtyards still reminiscent of Moliere or Rabelais's sojourn. Overwhelmed by the southern sun, music and hues as you are, it is high time you made gastronomic discoveries. "Along the clear gulfs" (as the famous song by Charles Trenet goes) the sweet and refreshing muscatel wine flirts with the oysters of the Thau lagoon; within a few miles only the Sete fisherman hauls his promising nets exuding southern colors and the fresh smell of fish!

Montpellier, university town, where Rabelais once stayed: its Promenade of Peyrou overlooks the Cevennes, its museum is home to the masterpieces of Courbet, nowadays modernity is skillfully expressed here...

The pleasures of the coast, of sunshine and of bathing combined with the pleasure of exploring its culture. Sete with its fishing port, "l'ile singuliere" in the words of Valery.. Narbonne with its basilica.. Perpignan, its Palace of the Kings of Majorca, Collioure with its pink rocks and, nearby, Ceret, places at the heart of modern painting with Picasso and Matisse..

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