Roman ruins in Nimes Provence - Champs de lavande

The Romans left their mark on Provence: you will be constantly reminded of this throughout your travels in this superb region. Vaison-la Romaine and its streets with pillars, Orange with the finest of the ancient theaters in France. You will find a spectacular Roman city in Nimes: the Arenas, the Maison Carree, Gallo-Roman Temple from the first century A.C., the Tour Magne, the highest tower of the ramparts surrounding Nimes in Roman times.

A festival of music takes place here every July. Saint-Remy and the ruins of Glanum, an immense Roman city with its forum, its public baths, its temple. The arch commemorating the victories of Caesar. Visit Arles with its great arenas of stone, its ancient theatre. Van Gogh stayed here. The Sunflowers came from here... The Pont du Gard is exemplary; the Romans built this aqueduct with three arches, 300 meters high - a superb example of absolute harmony, a declaration of their technical mastery. And then Nimes, steeped in antiquity, with its Maison Carree and its thrilling arenas which accommodate some 20,000 spectators for its bull fights... Along the ancient roman road linking the Alps to the Pyrenees, and we already find ourselves in the South West of France..

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