The Camargue with its numerous aspects is the meeting point of the Cevennes, the Garrigues and Provence. The remnants of the might of Ancient Rome merge with its vast expanses of evermoving half-water, half-soil Camargue land where a unique and protected fauna seeks refuge in its salt and sand. There the different hues of nature blend in harmoniously : the pink of the flamingoes, the black of the bulls, the white of the horses, reliable and tireless guides for horse-riders galloping in the wild along the intact beaches such as the well known Espiguette beach. You may enjoy this sense of freedom in the sultry atmosphere of ferias with its Nimes bullfighting and its warm encounters at the "bodegas" terraces.

With its moving stretches of water and land, a refuge of salt and sand for a unique protected fauna. A symphony of flamingos, black bulls, white horses running free. Life here is one of passion and space: lively festivals, the bullfights of Nimes, nearby.

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