A wonderful climate in the exceptional lands... From the Alps to the banks of the Rhone, from the perfection of Ventoux to the superb varoises coasts.. from Provence to the Camargue, such a variety of riches throughout so many regions, seemingly inexhaustible.

Your arrival in the Languedoc, heralds the arrival of the Pyrenees, a journey in the mountains as far as the Aquitaine. The Perigord with its wonderful fragrance and Bordeaux the capital of wine provide other great moments...

Map The Alps in the Southern Heights
Two Precious Places for Festivals..
Cote d'Azur and the Mediterranean
Massif des Maures
Corsica, Island of Legendary Beauty..
The Camargue
The Romans in Provence
Coast of Vermeille
The Pyrenees
Land of Cathars
The Haute Languedoc
Perigord and Quercy
Sweet Aquatine

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