An important route connecting northern and southern Europe.. the Rhone.

Here You Will Find Peaceful Lands...

Bresse with its blue cheese and delicious chickens, la Dombes with its ponds favorable for hunting, the medieval city of Perouges is a fine place to stop for good food! Tiny villages, houses with facades of golden stone, vineyards, Beaujolais.. Beaujolais Villages, Brouilly, Morgon, Julienas.. come along on the 15th November to celebrate its arrival!

Lyon, A Major Stopping Place !

Lyon Refined.. There at the confluence of the Saone and the Rhone, 28 bridges span the rivers. Things go out of fashion, but Lyon, a unique town, thrives, marrying the old with the new. Capital city of the Gauls, it already enchanted Caesar..The Roman amphitheatre of Fourviere where the funiculaire takes you down to the largest Renaissance development in France.. The vast place Bellecour with its three "villages"; Saint-George and Saint Paul bordering the Saone, and Saint Jean around the cathedral. Its culture... 27 museums, that of the Fine Arts with its Veronese, Tintoret, Rubens. The Museum of Textiles with its great collection of 2000 rolls of old textiles and works of the silk merchants. The chateau Lumiere reminds us that it was here that the cinema was invented. Lyon is an essential stopping place for lovers of good food. Go into the "bouchons" typical local bistros, where you will be able to savour the sausages of Lyon, Jesus, tripe, streaky bacons, quenelle...

From Vienne to the Gorges of the Ardeche

Vienne has numerous examples of its ancient grandeur; the temple, the theatre, the Corinthian sanctuary; and, to remind us of its medieval glory - the wealth of museums. Set off in the direction of Valence. Here you will find the Cotes du Rhone fortresses lining the river banks. Stop at Tain l'Hermitage for the wine and good food. Valence with its roman tiles signals your arrival in the south.. The Ardeche offers you its gorges, some of the finest in France. Canoeing here is a must! .The pont d'Arc, a magnificent arch which nature has thrown from one bank to the other.

The road follows the curves of the river. The view points and the Haute Corniche offer panoramic views to take your breath away. You must visit the fantastic abysses where the walls seem to be draped in color or crystal.. stalactite and stalagmites have formed some strange sculptures.

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